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Perfect Bolting Technology
Made by HYTORC

HYTORC offers the entire range of mobile bolting technology, including all  tightening methods in accordance with VDI 2230, unique fastening elements  and customer-oriented services. Fast, safe, innovative.

HYTORC’s headquarters for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey and Azerbaijan are located in Krailling near Munich. Since 1985, the trading company Barbarino & Kilp GmbH has been responsible for HYTORC’s sales. Barbarino & Kilp GmbH has a successful company tradition of more than 275 years and has consistently developed the HYTORC brand.

We have a team of around 40 employees, some of them in our headquarters in Munich-Krailling and some in other sales and service locations. This team structure allows us to provide the highest efficiency in engineering, administration, processing and logistics in our headquarters and direct customer support on-site thanks to our locations in different regions.

Our customers value our strictly customer and service oriented approach:
HYTORC has its own calibration center for pressure, torque and preload. We support our customers already in the first phase of planning with our CAD Design Center. This allows us to develop customized designs and provide valuable support in planning. The company-owned Akademie der Schraubverbindung in Augsburg provides theoretic and practical further training for management, engineering, quality assurance and assembly and ensures certified bolting expertise in your company. Our unique services such as on-site service and flexible financing solutions round off HYTORC’s portfolio.

Welcome to the world of HYTORC!

HYTORC provides unique solutions

  • Experience and competence since 1968
  • Fast and safe bolting with constant friction values and without reaction arms: Hands-free via remote control even in applications overhead, explosion risk areas (ATEX approval) and underwater joints
  • Intelligent hydraulic bolting technology in the sense of industry 4.0 and “intelligent factories”: Safe assembly processes thanks to perfect monitoring, system transparency, system analysis, bolt management and visualization of process data. The HYTORC system meets all standard minimum requirements according to VDI/VDE 2862-2 and more for bolted joints of category. A = high, B = medium and C = low risk assessment
  • Sustainably tight flange connections with particularly low leakage rates. Instead of a product loss of 14.2 kg per year and meter due to manual tightening, a product loss of only 0.1 kg per year and meter is now possible. This is achieved thanks to the simultaneous use of several torque wrenches and one of our five fastening elements with constant friction value
  • Maintenance-free bolted joints: Nominal preload forces can be easily increased by using one of our five fastening elements with constant friction value and/or intelligent and process reliable fastening processes such as yield point controlled tightening or torque/angle tightening
  • Comprehensive product range: in the fields of hydraulic, pneumatic, electric and battery torque wrenches from 50 Nm to 190,000 Nm
  • Standard bolted joints: such as galvanized sets, anchor bolts, rolled bolt threads up to M200 and up to 18 m length of the highest quality and certification for the entire industry
  • No-rotation fastening elements with constant friction value
  • Lubricants, anti-seize and metal cleaners
  • Thread cleaning machines for internal and external threads, nut splitters and lifting devices
  • Customer-oriented sales
  • On-site service: For sustainable improvement of your occupational safety, ergonomics and quality, HYTORC supports you on-site, accompanying you during internal audits and shutdowns, on-site inspections, examinations and recalibration of your fastening tools. Great availability thanks to our rental tools