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User-friendly multipurpose tool

The AVANTI multipurpose tool can be used for both torque tightening and preload tensioning. Thanks to its compact dimensions and the robust casing, the AVANTI can be used in any working environment.

AVANTI – Benefits

  • seven different tightening methods
  • hands-free, safe bolting in combination with one out of five friction-optimized fasteners
  • precise transfer of torques to the joint and optimized application of preload thanks to reduced bending moments
  • automatic rotation angle control for constant preloads
  • stepless setting of torques from 135 Nm 190,000 Nm
  • reaction arms 360° rotable around the square axis
  • many fields of applications thanks to high user comfort and compact dimensions. Also suitable for applications underwater and explosion risk areas.

occupational safety

The AVANTI sets the highest standards for occupational safety: it is operated by pushing a button on the remote control. The tool no longer has to be held in hand. This also holds true for overhead applications.

AVANTI – Features

  • hydraulic connection can be swiveled 360° × 180°
  • robust one-piece housing
  • standard square drive with plug fuse
  • positioning of the reaction arm by pushing a button
  • reaction pawl system
  • safety clutches with dust protection
  • calibration certificate with new deliveries

Products specifications

Facts & Figures

Model AV-0.7AV-1AV-3AV-5AV-8AV-10AV-20AV-35AV-50
min. torque Nm 1352575841,0041,5081,8933,6186,4969,413
max. torque Nm 1,0241,7674,0907,01310,68215,72024,62646,88458,391
square drive inch ¾¾1
torque precision %± 2.5± 2.5± 2.5± 2.5± 2.5± 2.5± 2.5± 2.5± 2.5
tool weight kg with 360˚x 360˚ adjustable reaction arm2.743.006.7010.7013.2019.4031.0056.4064.00
radius [R] mm25.128.738.145.750.
length [L] mm8299127156171191223272315
height [H] mm8397122145158177203241272
width [W] mm4756758898111130161182