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Multifunctional, precise, extremely slim

The CTS-STEALTH is a very slim multipurpose hydraulic wrench with interchangeable cartridges for tightening and tensioning – all in one system.

CTS-STEALTH – Benefits

  • compact, ergonomic design and torques up to 42,795 Nm
  • super slim design – power head and cartridge have the same height, with no protruding parts
  • all cartridges are designed for the full tool torque
  • hydraulic dual piston system for high-speed operation
  • quick click-on cartridge exchange
  • 360° rotable and 120° foldable hydraulic connection
  • all wrench sizes available in metric and inch dimensions and in all special designs
  • automatically operating torque angle control for even preloads

The CTS-STEALTH is the groundbreaking hydraulic limited clearance tool with super slim interchangeable cartridges, the smallest radii and high torques. The power system has the same height as the cartridges and is equipped with an automatic dual piston system generating very high speeds. The interchangeable cartridge is inserted quickly and directly into the tool.

CTS-STEALTH – Equipment

  • hydraulic connection can be swiveled 360° × 120°
  • robust one-piece housing
  • constant rotation angle with every stroke
  • reaction pawl system
  • low-wear gear bearing
  • safety clutches with dust protection
  • calibration certificate with new deliveries

Products specifications

Facts & Figures

min. torque Nm 3647901,5722,760 4,261 6,446
max. torque Nm 2,573 5,508 10,990 19,622 30,11147,795
wrench size mm 19-6036-8050-10070-12075-14590-165
torque precision %± 2.5± 2.5± 2.5± 2.5± 2.5± 2.5
tool weight kgdepending on wrench size
length (L) mm 140.5166.7203.1237.5274.2322.8
height (H) mm 106.9138.0162.5201.7233.2274.6
width (W) mm