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The Eco2TOUCH control was developed to meet the requirements of the new industrial standard 4.0 and is the consequent advancement of our successful SmartPUMP. All process parameters to comply with, among others, the requirements of VDI/VDE 2862 sheet 2: “Minimum requirements for application of fastening systems and tools” have been integrated into the system.

With the Eco2TOUCH control, HYTORC does not only meet the minimum requirements laid down in VDI / VDE 2862 sheet 2 for application of fastening systems and tools in plant construction, mechanical engineering, equipment manufacturing and for flange connections in components under pressure, but goes much further. Thanks to its modular design, the control offers individual, flexible and user-oriented process and documentation solutions. If required, detachable rotation angle sensors are mounted to the HYTORC hydraulic standard torque tools that measure and monitor the rotation angle during the tightening process. The torque is measured on the EcoPUMP. During the tightening process, the Eco2TOUCH control monitors and measures the pressure, the corresponding increase of torque and the rotation angle.

Benefits of the Eco2TOUCH:

  • process reliable, automated bolting, assessment, documentation and statistics, especially for all safety relevant bolted joints with category A = high risk assessment, risk for life and limb and the environment or B = medium risk assessment, malfunction or plant downtime
  • know and act in advance: for every individual tightening process on bolted joints, the system detects if the tightening process is carried out in accordance with the user’s settings
  • detection of abnormalities with statistics tools and integrated multi graph display
  • the perfect quality and analysis tool for your bolted joints
  • mobile, suitable for construction sites, field-proven and easy to operate
  • simplifies documentation of product safety
  • meets all the requirements in accordance with VDI / VDE 2862-2; DIN 25201-7, ISO and more
  • standardization of bolting processes
  • independent from external operating systems, laptops and PCs
  • individual, flexible and expandable at any time

Eco2TOUCH features

  • nine different assembly methods possible
  • assessment of every individual bolting process
  • provision of process parameters in Excel (XLS), text (TXT), graphic files (PNG) and protocol files (PDF)
    WLAN access on touch display
  • remote maintenance access
  • process capability test in accordance with VDI / VDE 2645-2
  • perfectly suitable for production, on construction sites or in the field (e.g. for set-up, shut-off, service and maintenance works); also in quality assurance or research and development departments as well as research institutes and universities
  • separate oil circuits for temperature optimization
  • data comparison with random process data from the same tightening method
  • selection and depiction of individual curves on the multi graph display
  • additional text can be entered for individual curve documentation
  • manual OK possible for joints that cannot be tested or bolted
  • customer specific file names / extensions