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The electric power tool

The powerful electric wrench from 220 Nm to 4,000 Nm

FlashGUN-DE – Benefits

  • supply voltage 230 Volt / 50 Hz
  • currently 3 models to choose from with torques up to 4,000 Nm
  • accurately adjustable torque
  • high fastening speed in all torque ranges
  • precise disengagement when reaching the final torque
  • also deployable in confined spaces (see Offest Link)
  • automatic shutoff with ratchet mechanism after reaching the desired torque
  • low noise, free from impacts or vibrations
  • compact planetary gear with small radius
  • quick switching from tightening to loosening – operating errors are impossible
  • low weight with perfect weight distribution
  • versatile also with wrench boxes
  • deployable at every 230V connection
  • can also be used without reaction arm or back-up wrench

The FlashGUN-DE is the world’s first electric torque wrench that can be used without reaction arm! In combination with our innovative fastening elements, such as no-rotation washers, no reaction loads occur outside of the bolting axis. In combination with the CLAMP tension nut, the FlashGUN-DE can mechanically tighten any bolted joints to precise preload repeatability, even torsion-free and lateral force-free. Conventionally, any customary bolt can be tightened quickly and in a controlled manner using a reaction arm. The torque is applied to the bolted joint accurately, without impact and continuously rotating. When the desired torque is reached, the ratchet mechanism allows the user to comfortably remove the tool from the application. The development of the FlashGUN-DE focused on a compact design, ergonomic handling and the highest possible torque precision. At the same time, HYTORC’s standard requirements in terms of robustness, industrial suitability and durability had to be met.

FlashGUN-DE – certified safety

The FlashGUN-DE passed the following comprehensive tests by independent auditors:

  • IP Code 54: dust and splash water proof
  • EMC: electromagnetic compatibility
  • RoHS: restriction of hazardous substances (lead, mercury, cadmium…)
  • ECHA / REACH: registration,evaluation and authorization of chemicals
  • LVD: Low Voltage Directive
  • CE: Communautés Européennes / European Community (EC)
  • CB: Certification Body

FlashGUN-DE – Features

  • quick loosening also of very tight bolts
  • high adjustable torque output up to 4,000 Nm
  • broad area of application and use
  • high productivity thanks to high-speed boating
  • versatile use thanks to quick change of tools (accessories)
  • noise reduction
  • no vibrations or impacts during bolting operation
  • ergonomic design and low weight
  • 1,400 Watt engine
  • clockwise and counter-clockwise operation
  • single speed load gear
  • low weight (max. 8.5 kg including reaction arm)

Products specifications

Facts & Figures

min. torque Nm220390820
max. torque Nm7201,7004,000
square drive inch ¾¾1
fastening speed rpm206.52
weight with reaction arm in kg4.95.28.5
radius gearbox [R1] mm 323238
length [L] mm 420440490
height [H] mm 147147147