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Designed for perfect joints

For lubricants and their application, HYTORC also provides expert consultation and perfect services.


Lubricants recommended by our experts ensure that the nominal bolt forces are safely reached thanks to the perfect interaction of all components of the bolted joint.

Our customers benefit twice from our lubricants: On the one hand, they get everything they need for bolting from a one-stop shop. And on the other hand, our high quality lubricants are precisely adapted to the corresponding area of application. Thanks to many decades of experience in the field of bolting, we have great expertise and have come across all kinds of challenges in this field on site. We make use of this experience when we developed the lubricants. Therefore, they meet real-life requirements.

Cleaners and lubricating pastes

HY.50 special lubricant

μmin. 0.08
is the perfect choice for clean non-destructive assembly and for inlet optimization of highly loaded bolts

HY.52 special lubricant

μmin. 0.09
is the perfect choice for assembly purposes and for the inlet of slowly running machine elements (also four-color metals and stainless steel)

HY.55 hot thread paste

μmin. 0.10
the perfect face for high-temperature applications up to +1,200 °C

HY.56 high-temperature paste

μmin. 0.12
bolt paste for high temperature applications up to +1,000 °C, developed especially for application on flange connections

HY.61 anti-seize

with loosening properties

HY.73 metal cleaner

DISC.08 anti-friction coating spray

air drying anti-friction coating spray for constant friction coefficients - the perfect choice for hex nuts used with the DISC