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Proven, powerful, robust

The MXT is the compact and proven square wrench for conventional torque-controlled tightening with reaction arm on the cylinder side for applications with small radii.

MXT – Benefits

  • The MXT wrench is a proven tool that is used all over the world for conventional bolting with reaction arm from 155 Nm to more than 72,000 Nm
  • compact, ergonomic design
  • robust one-piece housing
  • lightweight reaction arm adjustable to 60 positions with centric catch
  • reaction pawl system for safely detaching the tool from the workpiece
  • automatically operating torque angle control for even preloads
  • short set-up times

The MXT is sophisticated, user-friendly and robust. The low-wear ratchet system with coarse pitch and reaction pawl system guarantees a constant rotation angle of 24° with each stroke for direct transfer to preload, even under high loads. The reaction arm is adjustable to 60 positions and is locked in place safely by a quick lock. The wide range of applications of the proven MXT models is rounded off by a comprehensive portfolio of accessories.

MXT – Features

  • hydraulic connection can be swiveled 360° × 180°
  • one-piece housing
  • standard square drive with drive-retainer
  • torsion-free power head
  • reaction pawl system
  • constant rotation angle of 24° per stroke
  • safety clutches with dust protection
  • low-wear gear bearing
  • calibration certificate with new deliveries

Products specifications

Facts & Figures

Model MXT-0.7MXT-1MXT-3MXT-5MXT-10MXT-15MXT-20MXT-35XLT-50
min. torque Nm 1552626291,0952,3012,8663,8807,07810,300
max. torque Nm 1,1311,8454,4467,69515,85721,38827,20051,06172,000
square drive inch ¾¾1
torque precision % ± 2.5± 2.5± 2.5± 2.5± 2.5± 2.5± 2.5± 2.5± 2.5
tool weight with reaction arm kg1.
radius [R1] mm20.524.834.
radius [R2] mm84.3104.0136.0162.5201.0219.25242.0322.0322.5
length [L1] mm100.6125.0162.0194.0242.0268.7290.0353.3352.5
length [L2] mm151.8186.0245.0295.0368.0388.3439.0538.9584.2
length [L3] mm23.629.
height [H1] mm41.
height [H2] mm66.072.099.0127.0149.0177.32181.1218.8233.6
height [H3] mm76.293.0125.0149.0190.0205.84223.7276.8292.1
height [H4] mm108.9130.0163.0187.0228.0243.56264.0313.9358.1