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Simple, solid, affordable

The VERSA is a simple, affordable and slim basic hydraulic square wrench with interchangeable cartridges that does the job with power and reliability.

VERSA – Benefits

  • slim and fast – perfect for confined spaces
  • compact design for torques from 197 Nm to 49.860 Nm
  • drive ratchet with fine teeth with only three moving parts
  • interchangeable cartridges from 24 mm to 165 mm with hex or double hex and many adaption possibilities
  • low weight and short set-up times

Considering the favorable purchasing price, the features and the wide range of high quality accessories, the VERSA is the perfect tool for precise conventional torque-controlled tightening. Thanks to its simple design and small radii, it is the perfect choice especially in areas that are hard to access and in extremely confined spaces. Short set-up times and quick switching from tightening to loosening mode as well as accurate bolting to torque up to more than 49,860 Nm make it the perfect basic hydraulic wrench with interchangeable cartridges.

VERSA – Features

  • hydraulic connection 360° rotable and 120° foldable, resp. 360° rotable and rigid
  • low-wear gear bearing
  • safety clutches with dust protection
  • calibration certificate with new deliveries

Products specifications

Facts & Figures

min. torque Nm 1973708491,7792,9054,0417,120
max. torque Nm 1,4502,5905,94012,45020,35028,29049,860
wrench size mm 17-4624-6036-8050-10070-12070-13085-165
torque precision %± 2.5± 2.5± 2.5± 2.5± 2.5± 2.5± 2.5
tool weight kgdepending on wrench size
length [L] mm107.0136.0180.0218.0267.0278.0353.0
height [H] mm87.095.0140.0166.0204.0225.0278.0
width [W] mm24.