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Compact, proven, robust

The XLCTB is the proven hydraulic wrench with interchangeable cartridges for universal use with hex sockets and square ratchet cartridges.

XLCTB – Benefits

  • torques up to more than 81,617 Nm
  • compact, ergonomic design
  • robust one-piece housing
  • interchangeable square cartridges and ratchet links available, optionally with hex or double hex and many adaption possibilities
  • reaction pawl system for constant rotation angles
  • wrench sizes available in metric and inch dimensions
  • many individual customized options available
  • automatically operating torque angle control for even preloads
  • reaction force support on the entire length of the cassette
  • long life thanks to modified proven technology

The XLCTB is a universal bolting tool that is extremely flexible thanks to individual adaptation and special solutions. The basis is a torsion-free power head and standard ratchet hex wrenches or square ratchet wrenches in different sizes. The XLCTB is fast, extremely precise and absolutely reliable. With its many options for expansion, anything is possible in practical applications with the XLCTB.

XLCTB – Features

  • hydraulic connection can be swiveled 360° × 360°
  • torsion-free power head
  • reaction pawl system
  • constant rotation angle with every stroke
  • safety clutches
  • low-wear gear bearing
  • calibration certificate with new deliveries

Products specifications

Facts & Figures

min. torque Nm 3347601,4982,6353,5086,0219,37611,660
max. torque Nm 2,3545,30611,22018,44524,56442,78467,90681,617
wrench size mm 19-65 36-80 50-100 70-120 75-145 90-155 95-190150-295
torque precision %± 2.5 ± 2.5 ± 2.5 ± 2.5 ± 2.5 ± 2.5 ± 2.5 ± 2.5
tool weight kgdepending on wrench size
length [L] mm186.0259.0312.0371.0364.0427.0536.0536.0
height [H] mm102.0136.0170.0204.0231.0272.0340.0340.0
width [W] mm32.