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Multifunctional, safe, compact

The ICE is the intelligent advancement of the AVANTI and groundbreaking for hydraulic tools. The ICE multipurpose tool can be used for both torque tightening and preload tensioning.

ICE – Benefits

  • hydraulic connection can be folded and rotated in all levels
  • seven different tightening methods
  • hands-free, safe bolting in combination with one out of five friction-optimized fasteners
  • precise transfer of torques to the joint and optimized application of preload thanks to reduced bending moments
  • automatic rotation angle control for consistent preload
  • many fields of application thanks to high user comfort, ergonomic design and compact dimensions
  • Also suitable for applications underwater and in explosion risk areas

ICE – Features

  • hydraulic connection can be rotated by 360° and folded by 180° in two levels
  • robust one-piece housing
  • standard square drive with plug fuse
  • positioning of the reaction arm by pushing a button
  • interactive reaction pawl system
  • safety clutches with dust protection
  • calibration certificate with new deliveries

Products specifications

Facts & Figures

Model ICE-0.7ICE-1ICE-3ICE-5
min. torque Nm 1552575841,004
max. torque Nm 1,1001,7674,0907,013
square drive inch ¾¾1
torque precision %2.5± 2.5± 2.5± 2.5
tool weight kg with 360˚x 360˚adjustable reaction arm3.
radius [R] mm24.528.738.147.2
length [L] mm59.759.776.283.1
width [W] mm34.
width [D] mm47.055.473.486.1
[X] mm32.539.152.162.7
[L] mm 97.5112.5141.0163.8
height [H1] mm115.5127.5166.3193.0
height [H2] mm80.093.9124.7161.1