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jGUN DualSpeed

Fast, quiet, accurate

The fast dual speed pneumatic torque tool without impact unit
for precise bolting up to 11,233 Nm.

jGUN DualSpeed – Benefits

  • six models up to 11,233 Nm with steplessly adjustable torque ranges
  • ATEX approval in accordance with EX II 2G c IIC T6 and EX II 2D tD A21 IP66 T85°C
  • dual speed planetary gear with small diameters, with up to 100 rpm
  • 6 bar maximum operating air pressure with low noise under 75 dBA thanks to integrated silencer
  • precise torques without vibrations or impacts with state-of-the-art switching mode in the dual speed gearbox
  • deployable for axial bolting without reaction arm with modern connection elements

The jGUN DualSpeed is the systematic further development of the jGUN SingleSpeed. The dual speed planetary gear adjusts the fastening speed perfectly to every individual application. Fast pre-tightening and precise fastening in one step – that’s what makes this tool series special. Especially in assembly processes, the jGUN DualSpeed can significantly reduce bolting times. The wide range of accessories also allows for axial bolting without reaction arm.

jGUN DualSpeed – Features

  • adjustable torque from 263 Nm to 11,233 Nm
  • robust one-piece housing
  • standard square drive with pressure cap
  • positioning of the reaction arm by pushing a button
  • reaction pawl system
  • calibration certificate with new deliveries

Products specifications

Facts & Figures

min. torque Nm 263 423 7051,125 1,647 2,818
max. torque Nm 6801,724 2,764 4,165 6,788 11,233
square drive inch ¾¾11
rpm 1st speed36311490384334
rpm 2nd speed2065432
tool weight kg
with reaction arm 4,65,27,18,413,419,4
height [H] mm188226214186214214
length [L] mm254273318314367391